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SCA Plus Grants

Applying for an SCA Plus Grant

SCA Plus has been set up to facilitate Bristol SU Volunteering to run both new projects and to support novel extensions to current projects by offering financial support and advice.

What funds are available and when?

  • There are multiple opportunities each year to apply for £50-£500 of funding depending on current funds held by the Charity.
  • Application deadlines are set at the start of each academic year.
  • Applications for summer or other special events/activities are accepted all year round and will be considered on an individual basis.

Who is eligible?

  • Any specific existing project activity, idea for a new project or a cross-project initiative/event that complies with the remit of Bristol SU Volunteering will be eligible.
  • Anyone currently studying at Bristol may apply.
  • The amount applied for can be for a maximum of 50% of the overall cost.
  • Bristol SU Volunteering has to give support to the application.

We've a good project idea, that is eligible - what do we do now?

  • Talk through the idea with the Student Opportunities Coordinator or contact the Trustees directly if you would like to discuss your idea and possibility of funding support.
  • Complete a Grant Application Form in electronic format. Get the Student Opportunities Coordinator to review and sign, then email to
  • SCA Plus will acknowledge receipt of your application, and you will hear if successful or not within 1 week of the application deadline.

What will help make my application successful?

  • Each application will be considered in its own merit, however if there are a number of different applications, the SCA Plus Trustees will make a decision based on several criteria including:
    • The need and anticipated benefit to the recipients of the activity;
    • The volunteering capacity readily available and willing to carry out the activity, including the enthusiasm and reliability of those leading;
    • The degree to which the applicants have progressed planning and looked for additional support elsewhere;
    • The degree to which activities involve multiple projects; and
    • The support of Bristol SU Volunteering.

If successful in being awarded a grant, what are an applicant's commitments?

  • The full and proper use of the Grant for the purposes intended.
  • Informing SCA Plus within a timely manner, and at the earliest possible opportunity, if any aspect of a project requires to be fundamentally altered.
  • Submission within 3 weeks of a project taking place of an Event/Activity Feedback Form.
  • Submission within 3 weeks of a project taking place of a minimum of 6 photographs, together with any other materials that may be of use, for SCA Plus promotional and informational purposes.
  • Keeping proper and accurate income and expenditure accounts, including supporting documentation, and allowing, at any time, including for a period of up to a year after a project has been implemented, the SCA Plus trustees the right to audit these accounts.
  • Submission of any further correspondence that the SCA Plus trustees may reasonably require.

Should an applicant fail to meet their commitments they may be personally liable to repay an amount up to the full amount of the grant awarded, subject to the discretion of the SCA Plus trustees.

Mailing address: c/o UBU Volunteering, University of Bristol Student's Union, Queen's Road, Bristol BS8 1LN